• Sunday 08 October 2017
  • 07:30
    EORTC-IDG Breakfast meeting
  • 09:00
    E. Drouhet lecture (ECMM): Fungal disease - and the power of stories

    David Denning, United Kingdom
  • 10:00
    Coffee break
  • Meet the expert sessions
    • 10:15
      M5 Improvements in the molecular diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis

      Lewis White, UK, FECMM /Willem Melchers, NL
    • 10:15
      M6 Combination treatment of aspergillosis / PRO-CON

      CON: Werner Heinz, DE // PRO: Samir Agrawal, UK
    • 10:15
      M7 Allergic pulmonary fungal diseases and cystic fibrosis: commensals and pathogens

      Predrag Minic, SRB / Malcolm Richardson, UK, FECMM
    • 10:15
      M8 Meet Mrs. Fungus

      Jacques F. Meis, NL, FECMM / Bart Jan Kullberg, NL
  • 11:00
    Poster session
  • 12:00
    Lunch break
  • 12:30
    Sponsored Integrated Symposium 4
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  • 14:15
  • S13: Diagnosis of invasive mould infection in patients receiving antifungal prophylaxis/treatment
    • 14:15
      S13.1 Galactomannan

      Martin Hoenigl, AT, FECMM
    • 14:40
      S13.2 Diagnosis of invasive mould infection in hematology patients: the role of ß-D-glucan

      Daniele Giacobbe, IT
    • 15:05
      S13.3 Molecular assays

      Dieter Buchheidt, DE, FECMM
    • 15:30
      S13.4* Selected abstract: Serum galactomannan antigen as a prognostic and diagnostic marker for invasive aspergillosis in heterogeneous medicine ICU patient population

      Yubhisha Dabas, India
  • S14: Immunology and IFD – where do bench and bedside meet? (or what is clinically relevant?)
    • 14:15
      S14.1 Experimental animal models of aspergillosis: contribution to the current knowledge of immune-mediated susceptibility

      Milena Kataranovski, SRB
    • 14:40
      S14.2 Innate immune memory:

      Jessica Quintin, FR
    • 15:05
      S14.3 Inborn errors of antifungal immunity

      Anne Puel, FR
    • 15:30
      S14.4* Selected abstract: Epidemiology of Talaromyces marneffei infection in mainland China: cases in non-HIV-infected people are increasing

      Liyan Xi, China
  • S15: New antifungal drugs in the pipeline
    • 14:15
      S15.1 APX001 (Amplyx)

      Michael Hodges, US
    • 14:27
      S15.2 CD101 (Cidara)

      Taylor Sandison, US
    • 14:40
      S15.3 F901318 (F2G)

      John Rex, UK, FECMM
    • 14:52
      S15.4 AmB (Cochleate)

      Doug Kling, Matinas, US
    • 15:05
      S15.5 SCY-078 (Scynexis)

      David Angulo, US
    • 15:17
      S15.6 VT program (Viamet)

      Oren Cohen, US
    • 15:30
      S15.7 VL-2397 (Vical)

      Andrew Hopkins, USA
    • 14:15
      S16.1 N-chlorotaurine exhibits promising activity against common fungal pathogens found in the respiratory tract of cystic fibrosis patients

      Michaela Lacknet, Austria
    • 14:25
      S16.2 Molecular assays for rapid and accurate identification of an emerging pathogen Candida auris

      Milena Kordalewska, USA
    • 14:35
      S16.3 Non-invasive medical diagnosis of aspergillosis by mass spectrometry

      Vladimir Havlicek, Czech Republic
    • 14:45
      S16.4 Multilocus sequence typing and phylogenetic analysis of clinical Fusarium strains isolated from South India

      Ananya Tupaki-Sreepurna, India
    • 14:55
      S16.5 Epidemiology and prognostic factors of invasive trichosporonosis: alarming findings from a multicenter cohort study involving 12 tertiary care centers from Brazil

      Arnaldo Colombo, Brazil
    • 15:05
      S16.6 Genetically related Candida glabrata with different mutations in FKS genes isolated from the same patients

      Olga Rivero-Menendez, Spain
    • 15:15
      S16.7 Survival after IFD in children undergoing antineoplastic chemotherapy or stem-cell transplant

      Alessio Mesini, Italy
    • 15:25
      S16.8 Complexity of biological environment at home and respiratory symptoms in the cohort ELFE Children

      Steffie Rocchi, France
    • 15:35
      S16.9 Invasive Mucormycosis in children with cancer: a retrospective study from the AIEOP infection working group

      Paola Muggeo, Italy
  • 15:45
    Coffee break
  • 16:15
  • S18: Candida auris: An emerging fungal pathogen
    • 16:15
      S18.1 Pathogenesis of C. auris: role of animal models

      Elizabeth Johnson, UK
    • 16:40
      S18.2 C. auris: from ear colonisation to fungaemia

      Anuradha Chowdary, IN, FECMM
    • 17:05
      S18.3 Discovery and control of a protracted C. auris outbreak

      Silke Schelenz, UK
    • 17:30
      S18.4* Epidemiology and clinical features caused by Candida auris in the setting of a prolonged outbreak

      Alba C. Ruiz, Spain
  • S19: Four mould active azoles in a row, which to go?
    • 16:15
      S19.1 Posaconazole

      Donald Sheppard, CA, FECMM
    • 16:35
      S19.2 Isavuconazole

      Maria Vehreschild, DE
    • 16:55
      S19.3 Voriconazole

      Catherine Cordonnier, FR
    • 17:15
      S19.4 Itraconazole

      Tom Rogers, IR, FECMM
  • S20: Update on the invasive fungal disease definitions
    • 16:15
       S20.1 Issues encountered during the consensus

      J. Peter Donnelly (chair, EORTC-IDG)
    • 16:40
      S20.2 Issues resolved during the consensus

      Pete Pappas, US (chair, MSG-ERC) 
    • 17:05
      S20.3 Issues remaining – defining possible invasive fungal disease – fungal infection or not

      Johan Maertens, BE (past-chair EORTC IDG), FECMM
    • 17:30
  • S21: Progressing ECMM Committees & Working groups
    • 16:15
      S21.1 ECMM Academy

      Martin Hoenigl, AT, FECMM
    • 16:30
      S21.2 ECMM Excellence Centers   

      Cornelia Lass-Floerl, AT, FECMM
    • 16:45
      S21.3 ECMM Directory of Fungal Diagnostic Tests 

      Katrien Lagrou, BE, FECMM
    • 16:55
      ECMM Working groups
    • 16:55
      S21.4 Fungiscope               

      Oliver A. Cornely, DE, FECMM
    • 17:05
      S21.5 Azole-resistant A. fumigatus (joint ISHAM WG) 

      Jacques Meis, NL, FECMM
    • 17:15
      S21.6 Fungal respiratory infections in Cystic fibrosis

      Ana Alastruey-Izquierdo, ES, FECMM
    • 17:25
      S21.7 Trichosporon Registry                                                 

      Luisa Duran, CL
    • 17:35
      S21.8 ECMM/ISHAM Working Group on Zygomycosis

      George Petrikkos, GR
  • 18:00
    Ben De Pauw Lecture (EORTC)

    Catherine Cordonnier, FR