• Friday 06 October 2017
  • 09:00
    ECMM council meeting
  • 09:00
    Various pre-meetings incl. educational ones for young scientists
  • Plenary Session 1
    • 12:30
      PS1.1 Serbian Medical Mycology - Coming of (New) Age!

      Valentina Arsic Arsenijevic, SRB
    • 13:00
      PS1.2 Global burden of fungal infections

      Malcolm Richardson, UK, FECMM
  • 13:30
  • S1: Dermatomycology. What has changed?
    • 13:30
      S01.1 Changing epidemiology and global patterns of dermatophyte infections

      Roderick Hay, UK
    • 13:55
      S01.2 Onychomycosis in 2017:update on diagnosis and treatment

      Alexey Sergeev, RU
    • 14:20
      S01.3 Malassezia yeasts: an emerging problem in medicine

      Claudia Cafarchia, IT
    • 14:45
      S01.4* Dermoscopy earlier diagnoses hair fungal infection and evaluates therapeutic effects

      Yuping Ran, China
  • S2: Fungal infections in organ transplant recipients
    • 13:30
      S02.1 Invasive pulmonary infections in lung transplant recipients 

      Christian Geltner, AU
    • 13:55
      S02.2 Phaeohyphomycosis in renal allograft recipients

      Arnaldo Colombo, BR
    • 14:20
      S02.3 Yeast infections after liver transplantation

      Françoise Botterel, FR
    • 14:45
      S02.4* Epidemiology, risk factors and clinical outcomes of invasive aspergillosis in solid organ transplant recipients in the Swiss transplant cohort

      Dionysios Neofytos, Switzerland
  • S3: Indoor fungi and asthma
    • 13:30
      S03.1 Spores, fragments and antigens: impact on allergic asthma

      Paul Bowyer, UK
    • 13:55
      S03.2 Indoor microbiome and asthma 

      Rafal Górny, PL
    • 14:20
      S03.3 Measurement methods and home remedies for asthmatic patients

      Jean-Pierre Gangneux, FR
    • 14:45
      S03.4* The mycobiome of dust from the homes of patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis reflects the species identified in sputum samples

      M. Richardson, United Kingdom
  • S4:Next generation sequencing and yeasts
    • 13:30
      S04.1 Understanding multidrug resistance in Candida lusitaniae with genome approaches

      Dominique Sanglard, CH
    • 13:55
      S04.2 Genome evolution of Cryptococcus gattii

      Shawn Lockhart, US
    • 14:20
      S04.3 Next generation sequencing in Candida albicans, what did it bring?

      Marie-Elizabeth Bougnoux, FR
    • 14:45
      S04.4* Using whole-genome sequencing to elucidate the epidemiology of the globally emerging, multidrug-resistant yeast Candida auris

      Anastasia Litvintseva, USA
  • 15:10
    Sponsored Diagnostic Symposium
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  • 16:45
    Sponsored Integrated Symposium 1
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  • Plenary session 3: MALDI-TOF progress in clinical mycology
    • 18:15
      PS3.1 MALDI identification and more of yeasts

      Oliver Bader, DE
    • 18:45
      PS3.2 MALDI identification and more of moulds

      Maurizio Sanguinetti, IT
  • 19:15
    Welcome address
  • 19:30
    Welcome reception